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Deer & Orchard Fence, formerly Poultry & Garden Fence
Deer & Orchard Fence, previously called Poultry & Garden Fence, has galvanized 11 gauge wires along the top and bottom edges. The interior wire mesh is woven from 14-1/2 gauge wires. Available in three heights: 48", 60" and 72", the mesh has 6" spacing between vertical wires. The horizontal wires are spaced from 1" apart at the bottom to 4" apart at the top. The small 1"x6" mesh at ground level make this an excellent light weight woven mesh for protecting yard and garden from small and large animals. Flexible hinge joint construction allows the fence to conform to small changes in the contour of the ground.

Deer & Orchard Fence, formerly Poultry & Garden Fence

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